Some may call this a blatant case of alcohol abuse. Or, perhaps a fitting end?

Hard seltzers have grown immensely in popularity in recent years, and the craze doesn't seem to be going anywhere any time soon. After all, sales of alcohol sharply spiked during the pandemic months. Now, there are still some drinkers out there looking to try something different. So maybe hard seltzers it is. But in this case, their drink of choice won't be making it to its destination.

WROC is reporting that a tractor-trailer was involved in a single-vehicle collision when it hit a bridge Wednesday morning. Officials say that the driver was not injured, though the cargo he was hauling may not have been so fortunate. WROC says that when the top of the tractor-trailer hit the bridge, dozens (or perhaps hundreds) of cans of the popular hard seltzer White Claw were scattered about all over the road.

Police say the accident happened in the area of Central Avenue in Rochester.


Food and Drinks Scattered On Our Roads 

An incident very similar to this happened a little over a year ago on the Hutchinson River Parkway. If you happened to be traveling on the northbound side of the Hutch that morning, you may have run into a bit of a mess that backed up traffic. The Westchester County Police Department shared on their Facebook page that a truck hit a low bridge, causing a large number of aluminum cans to spill all over the Hutchinson River Parkway. Police say the accident happened near King Street. At the time of their post, police say they had been able to reopen one lane of traffic, but still encouraged drivers to take an alternate route.

From the posted pictures on Facebook, you can see hundreds of cans strewn all over the road, causing heavy delays. It almost appears to be cans of Coca-Cola at first glance, though a few commenters claim it's Mountain Dew Kickstart. The truck may have been traveling the road illegally, for commercial vehicles are not allowed on parkways.

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