Listen, I don't envy the job that workers in the Transportation Security Administration have to do. I mean, on a daily basis, they have to deal with thousands of people, all of whom are angry at them long before they have to even get interact with them, and the TSA agents are required to force them through all sorts of hoops as part of protocol. They don't have much say in the matter when it comes to many of the regulations.

Everyone's experience with the TSA is different, every agent is different, every airport is different. Everything varies. I've met some incredibly cool and rational TSA agents ('sup, Las Vegas, Nevada) and some extraordinarily rude ones ('sup, Charlotte, North Carolina).

That being said, there's following protocol and there's following common sense. Someone seems suspicious? Something doesn't add up? Heck yeah, put him through the ringer to prove everything is copacetic.

Some kid comes through with a Buzz Lightyear toy? Do what you need to do to make sure it's not a bomb (it's not a bomb) and let the little guy through. Put Buzz in that weird body-scanner if you have to! Just don't traumatize the kid because of your rigid and unwavering concept of safety enforcement.

By the way, we are so bludgeoned with regulations when it comes to flying, I genuinely just got nervous merely typing the words "bomb" in this article. We are all robots, programmed by The Man.

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