Save a life by saving a turtle this year.

You'll see it happen every year but probably never realize there's a season for it. But believe it or not, there is. I'm talking about turtles crossing the road of course. And that season is about to be upon us in the Hudson Valley.

According to Tufts Wildlife Clinic, turtles cross the roads more in the late spring and summer. This is because they are searching for mates and females are looking for nesting sites. Just like people, when the weather is warm turtles are out more. Here in the Hudson Valley, we could see some potentially record warm days in the coming weeks. This makes it very possible turtles will cross roads more in April than they normally would.

According to Pets on, some turtles are more active during the day and others at night. They say that North American box turtles are semi-aquatic and are more active during the day. Most basking turtles hunt for food, find mates, and bask on logs during the day. However, there are turtle species in our area that are more active at night, like snapping turtles.

If you see a turtle crossing the road this spring and summer, there are a few things to do to help. Peta says that if you see a turtle crossing the road to hold it by the sides away from their mouth and move it across the road in the direction they were headed. Don't move the turtle in the opposite direction it was going, as they will likely head back that way.

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