The first rule about Fight Club is, well, you've heard this before. However, two men from New York state were recently arrested for illegally hosting their very own MMA-style get together, according to police. Officials say the outing got out of control, and gunshots were eventually fired.

Everyone has their own way to amuse themselves, especially during a time when large social gatherings are frowned upon. WENY reports that a 42 year-old man and 32 year-old man, both from the Southern Tier, were charged with second-degree criminal nuisance for “knowingly advancing a criminal combative sport without proper licensing”. 

WENY says the impromptu "card" drew around 150 people Saturday, August 15. Police say that an actual fight broke out within the crowd that gathered and that someone fired a gun. no injuries were reported.

There is no word from sources who was on this "Brawl For It All", or who was victorious.

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