U2 along with openers The Lumineers, will leave their mark on Met Life Stadium in East Rutheford New Jersey these next two nights. The bands are on tour in celebration of the 20th anniversary of The Joshua Tree album. An album that left it's mark on American pop culture that still resonates today.

The Joshua Tree was released in March of 1987 during the height of the hair band era when lots of make up and spandex were still cool. Here come these four Irish gentleman who had set the table with War in 1983 and The Unforgetable Fire in '84. It was The Joshua Tree that cemented U2's status as major players on the international scene.

I'm torn because at a show like tonight you want to document everything. But I also want to be there in the moment enjoying the show. I don't want to get caught up in filming 'I Will Follow' while watching from the tiny screen on my phone. So tonight the plan is to take a few pictures during the first few songs, then put away the smart phone and be in the moment for U2 and The Lumineers. Full recap and set list coming tomorrow.

Here's the June 3rd show from Chicago in its entirety.