The restaurant formerly known as Crave will come to life this spring with an exciting new concept. Construction is officially underway after a Sunday announcement that the Poughkeepsie establishment would be shutting its doors. Thankfully, that's only temporary.

We caught up with owner Ed Kowalski who felt that after nearly a decade in business, it was time for a change. The new establishment will be open for lunch so those frequenting the Walkway Over The Hudson will have a new option to quench their hunger. As far as specifics of the restaurant, Kowalski was not ready to let the cat out of the bag but said it wouldn't compete with Lola's. Instead, it'll provide a nice second option if Lola's is busy.

There are plans to expand the kitchen and repurpose the space with a more casual vibe. There will be a bigger focus on taking advantage of the great patio space with room for 40.

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