In a time of Covid, where businesses, medical professionals and schools are still operating in completely different ways than a year ago, there is one profession that is looking to hire throughout the Hudson Valley. 

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What job can you do for (the average starting amount) $100 per day, and even more with a certification? How about being a substitute school teacher? Currently, nationwide on the job listing website, there are over 5700 listings for substitute teachers. Here are the listings for 12601 and 12401, just to give you an idea of what openings are currently available in our area.

Why, in the age of more and more schools transitioning to online learning platforms is there such a need for substitute teachers?

  • Yes, there are many schools that are doing online learning, but there are also some that have a hybrid learning platform. It is that hybrid platform, where substitute teachers are needed even more as full-time teachers are encouraged even more to stay at home should they be experiencing COVID-like symptoms to stay out of the classroom.
  • A significant portion of the current substitute teachers are retired former teachers, according to, and those teachers being post-retirement age, did not want to put themselves in a situation where they might bring the pandemic into their own homes by reporting for in-person duty with students.
  • Another reason that substitutes are at an all time low, when schools closed their doors in the spring, many sub's were laid off, or told that they were not going to be needed for the remainder of the school year, so they went off and found other jobs.

If you are thinking about becoming a substitute teacher read each job listing as the requirements vary, by school and by district. Good luck and stay healthy.



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