Valentine’s Day is only a few days away. We sometimes think of this holiday as a day for just lovers but that’s not always the case. Valentine’s Day is simply about sharing love. Whether you choose to share it with friends, family, a crush, a spouse or even a pet, be sure to make it special. Remember when little Valentine’s Day cards were the thing to do in the school? We shared our love with fellow classmates. Let’s make it an effort to continue doing this in 2021.

I would say that chocolates and flowers are the number one, go to gift during Cupid’s holiday. My grandma was a florist and was always teaching me about flowers. Did you know that every flower has a different meaning, even roses? The color, shape and size of a flower defines what it means. Here are some mean meanings behind flowers during Valentine’s Day.


Roses are mainly known as a beautiful shade of red which we know relate to passion and romance. On the other hand, yellow roses can be more about friendship and celebration. A white rose can be looked at as purity and love. I love orange roses; they can be given as a gift for enthusiasm and desire.


As for peonies, with their full and fluffy shape to them, they are known as bringing good luck, good fortune and romance.


Daisies are a simple but beautiful flower. They typically symbolize beauty and innocence. These flowers always make me cheer up.


This specific flower reminds me of Easter. Tulips are one of the most popular flower choices as they bring comfort and are always a classic choice.

Be sure to stop by your local floral shop to pick up a bouquet of flowers for someone special on this Valentine’s Day.

Secret Garden Florist

Montgomery, NY


Morgan’s Florist

Poughkeepsie, NY


Brown’s Florist

Kingston, NY


Which flower arrangement do you prefer? What do you think of these flower meanings?

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