Look at the star power of this video! In 1999, the smart money on who would be the most famous people to emerge from this music video would have been… I dunno, probably Kel Mitchell. Maybe Smash Mouth as a band. But between William H. Macy, Ben Stiller, and Dane Cook, you’ve got three dudes worth about a billion dollars combined. With Kel and Smash Mouth, you’ve got… well, probably like 3 grand and some coupons to Guy Fieri’s American Kitchen.

This thing even has Paul Reubens and Hank Azaria!

“Thanks for giving me work, Smash Mouth!” (Photo by Gary Gershoff/Getty Images)
“Thanks for giving me work, Smash Mouth!” (Photo by Gary Gershoff/Getty Images)

This video exhibits perfectly my pet peeve about some music videos: when concept supersedes the song itself. Look, I get that you’re trying to sell box office tickets for Mystery Men (boy, it sure helped!). Just get to the song. Good grief.

Wait, am I seriously upset that I’m being deprived of a SMASH MOUTH song?
I’ve gotta get my life together.

Holy hell, look at my man’s baggy cargo pants, pencil chinstrap beard, enough hair gel to be considered an environmental hazard by the EPA, and Pumas. It’s like the late-90s sprouted legs and started walking.

This is genuinely one of the most confusingly insane and nonsensical music videos I’ve ever seen. And I’ve put my poor brain through a few hundred thousand hours of awful music videos. This is so terribly awesome.

Anyway, this song was out in perfect time to be all over the place for the MLB All-Star Weekend in which Mark McGwire turned Fenway Park into a nuclear crater Godzilla-style in the Home Run Derby. No, seriously:
Thanks to kids' shampoo commercials and the Food Network, this song and that singer’s impeccable sense of style will live on. But we’ll always have our memories of Steve from Smash Mouth saving a dog from a fire through heroism and bad CGI, and Dane Cook trying to become the world’s first waffle-oriented superhero.