The Walkway Over the Hudson is a great place to go for a walk, run or bike ride during the day, but how about at night? On a full moon? If you are a member of the Walkway, or staff or faculty of Dutchess Community College you can participate in this night event for free. If you are not one of the fore-mentioned, it will only cost you $5.

The Walkway bridge will be open from both sides on this upcoming full moon night, Friday, April 22 from 8PM-10PM. According to, students from the Dutchess Community College Astronomy 132 class will also be there holding a brief info session, not limited to, speaking about The Big Bang Theory, Cosmic Microwave Background, Black Holes and more.

Register in advance so the Walkway knows how many people to expect. Should there be rain, the event will be held the following night, April 23, also from 8PM to 10PM.