Rules were posted. Rules weren't followed. And now one Dutchess County free ice skating rink is closed until further notice.

We've been following the opening of the Bowdoin Park ice skating rink for the last few weeks. The Bowdoin Park team and Dutchess County parks had been working diligently to get the free ice rink ready for winter.

Over the weekend Dutchess County Parks announced that the rink was good to go, however, they would be updating the schedule due to a nasty snowstorm in the forecast. As we all know, the snow came and Dutchess County Parks posted that the rink would be closed.

However, some skaters took things into their own hands Monday after the snowstorm landed in the Hudson Valley. On Tuesday, January 18th, Dutches Parks wrote:

Yesterday while park staff were working storm operations, clearing and sanding roadways, someone decided to ignore all posted closed signs, move barricades, and enter the rink. They decided to try to shovel the slushy mess which created this ridge… which froze last night and destroyed our beautiful rink surface. Folks, please understand that when the rink is CLOSED it is for your safety, as well as the integrity of the rink surface and the preservation of the equipment. Once this damage has happened, it is a huge undertaking, often impossible, to recover the surface. So the

solution is quite simple: please RESPECT and FOLLOW posted signs and rules. Thank you.

Bowdoin Park is a well-visited park year-round in Dutchess County. From their hiking trails to ball fields and splash pads. There's something for everyone at Bowdoin. For the last few years, they've offered free ice skating and an amazing sledding hill during the winter months.

For updates on when the ice rink will reopen and conditions at Bowdoin's sledding hill, follow Dutchess County Parks on Facebook.

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