It's been flooding your feed all week but as it turns out being like Bill may get you bamboozled.

The Better Business Bureau is warning social media users to read the fine print before you are so quick to click. Some are calling meme's such as the "Be Like Bill" "clickbait", a way to lure in unsuspecting users into signing up for a little more than a funny status update.

According to KFVS-TV in Missouri this meme in particular has some underling terms and conditions that should make users shutter. Stating: "You will allow us to use, edit your content with our service permanently, no limit and no recover."

Since the story broke the meme's creator Bobla reached out to the news agency and said they have changed their terms and conditions. Stating that they no longer collect any data from the users account when you share the content from its site.

Still the BBB warns social media users to be on the look out. The 'Be Like Bill" meme is just one of thousands out there. Games, quizzes and other "clickbait" schemes are ready and willing to take what they can get from online users.

If you'd like to remove any of these apps/games/groups you can easily do so. Users can go to your settings and select the Apps category from the menu on the left. Then just hover over the appropriate app and click "x" to remove.

So be like Sarah and don't fall pray to these silly schemes. Sarah is smart, you are smart!