You may have received an alarming email that suggests you used a PayPal account. It will also have a subject heading of "Re: Payment to Airbnb." It will suggest that your PayPal account was charged for specific services on a specific date and time. The problem with this email is that the scammers who put it together were very clever and were very detailed.

This phishing scam was noticed earlier in 2017 however, these emails are still being received. They use logos from both PayPal and Ebay to confuse people and make them feel like this is a legitimate email.

Phishing Scam PayPal

If you see an email like this, check your PayPal account first and give yourself piece of mind knowing that no money has been charged to your credit card. Obviously most people will think they need to dispute the transaction and that's where your personal information can be stolen. DO NOT CLICK any links on an email that you are unsure about. To help stop the spread of this scam check your email settings, some accounts allow you to mark an email address as spam or even report it as a phishing scam.