I understand how frustrated and scared you are. I'm a new parent myself. There's nothing more annoying than to go all the way to the store for formula only to find they're all out of the brand you need. It's annoying during normal times. These aren't normal times so it can be downright terrifying. Even if you're lucky enough to find just one can of the infant formula, you need to imagine not knowing when or where you'll get the next one.

Some parents are getting fed up searching. They've abandoned hope and have or contemplated making their own infant formula. Desperate times call for desperate measures, right? Many sources say that it's a bad idea and you shouldn't try it.

According to Healthy Children, breast milk is the best solution for kids when it comes to having the perfect balance of nutrients that they need. However, some parents choose not to breastfeed or they aren't able to. They recommend using products that meet federally regulated standards.

Healthy Children shared data from the FDA that showed a number of kids who were being fed homemade formula were being hospitalized for issues such as having low amounts of calcium. The FDA also warns parents against watering down formula to make it last longer, buying formula from other countries that weren't FDA approved, or replacing formula with cow's milk. All of these can put your child at risk.

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