Have you received your second stimulus check yet?

For the last few weeks, Americans have been collecting their second round of $600 stimulus checks. Some received them right away, while others were left scratching their heads wondering if they would have to wait for tax season to get their COVID-19 relief money.

While people are still patiently waiting for their checks, some are being taken advantage of with scams and fraud.

According to ABC 7 NY, the Federal Trade Commission is reporting that $211 million has been "lost to COVID-19 scams and stimulus payment fraud."

ABC 7's "7 on Your Side" reports several red flags you should look out for when it comes to IRS and Stimulus scams.

Unsolicited emails with subject lines that read:" IRS relief funds claim" should be ignored as ABC 7 reports that the "IRS will not email you."

Emails that ask for the following are IRS scammers too, ABC says

Watch out for emails asking you to verify or give personal information. This form asks for your social security number, date of birth, and even your driver's license number. That's more than enough for a thief to steal your identity. Watch for grammatical or misspelled words.

They also say to pay attention to the check you receive. If it is a larger amount than $600, don't cash it. The scammers will likely "asks for a portion of it back and eventually, the check will bounce."

They share that at the end of the day to be wary of text or emails from the IRS and if a "look-a-like" company reaches out make sure to research said company to make sure it's even real.


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