Paramore fans attending the When We Were Young Festival this weekend got something long in the waiting - the first live performance of the track "All I Wanted" from 2009's Brand New Eyes album.

As previously reported, Paramore's Hayley Williams was a little bit nostalgic heading into the weekend performance, posting an open letter to fans in advance of their set. The singer spoke of the struggles within the scene over the years and what she felt going into the night's set. "Tonight, for me at least, is about celebrating all the facets of what punk music actually represents. All the things it wasn't allowed to be when we were young."

One of those "facets" came early on. "All I Wanted" has long been a favorite of fans, but had never been performed by the group live up to that point. But on this night, Paramore wasted no time in breaking out the song for fans who had long requested the track.

The group opened their show with a powerful rendition kicking off a stellar set for those in attendance. The song's arrival in the band's set was met warmly, with fans even singing along to the track. And a flurry of Twitter responses followed, one again putting Paramore on the trending track. Check out fan-shot videos of the performance and some of the overjoyed social media responses below.

Paramore Perform "All I Wanted" at 2022 When We Were Young Festival

"All I Wanted" wasn't the only surprise Paramore had in store for fans at When We Were Young. The group also played "Here We Go Again" and "Last Hope" during their 12-song set, giving each track its tour debut. Additional fan-shot video with portions of both of those songs can be found below as well.

Paramore are currently back out on tour, supporting their newly released single "This Is Why" and the upcoming album of the same name. Get your tickets to see Paramore live here.

Paramore 2022 When We Were Young Festival Setlist Oct. 23, 2022

1. "All I Wanted"
2. "That's What You Get"
3. "Still Into You"
4. "Brick By Boring Brick"
5. "I Caught Myself"
6. "Here We Go Again"
7. "Ignorance"
8. "Ain't It Fun"
9. "Last Hope"
10. "Hard Times"
11. "This Is Why"
12. "Misery Business"

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