If you've burned through every show on your Netflix queue, Adult Swim has got you covered. They’ve made all five seasons of the animated action-adventure series Samurai Jack available on their website, no account required. Hailing from Dexter’s Laboratory creator Genndy Tartakovsky, Samurai Jack debuted on Cartoon Network in 2001. Its experimental storytelling and mature style marked a turning point for the television channel, which up until then catered many of its shows exclusively to kids and tweens.

The story follows the titular samurai (voiced by Phil LaMarr) who receives a magical katana in order to defeat the evil shape-shifting demon Aku. He almost succeeds, but Aku manages to create a time portal, blasting Jack into a dystopian future where Aku is supreme leader. The show was praised by critics for its innovative visual style and deep themes. The show was revived in 2017, with nearly 14 years sandwiched between Seasons 4 and 5.

Here’s the official announcement from Adult Swim via their Twitter page:

Adult Swim didn’t detail their reasoning for making Samurai Jack available for free, although we can deduce that it’s most likely a response to coronavirus. In conjunction with the new "stay at home" orders being issued in several states, streaming platforms are taking actions to make entertainment accessible to all. Amazon Prime has made children’s TV programs such as Peppa Pig available for for free. CBS All Access is offering a one-month free trial, giving Star Trek fans enough time to binge-watch Picard. Adult Swim didn’t note how long Samurai Jack would be available to stream, so it’s best to get started right away.

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