While it didn’t match the stellar debut of the first Jurassic WorldFallen Kingdom still got off to a solid start at the box office, grossing an estimated $150 million in its opening weekend. After Incredibles 2’s big $180 million debut last weekend, It’s just the second time in history that two different films have opened in two consecutive weeks with over $100 in a single weekend. The summer movie season is hot right now. Here’s the full box office chart:

FilmWeekendPer ScreenTotal
1Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom$150,001,000$33,520$150,001,000
2Incredibles 2$80,928,000 (-55%)$18,351$350,374,690
3Ocean’s 8$11,650,000 (-38%)$3,187$100,385,760
4Tag$8,200,000 (-45%)$2,425$30,367,545
5Deadpool 2$5,250,000 (-39%)$2,169$304,150,321
6Solo: A Star Wars Story$4,045,000 (-59%)$1,730$202,176,870
7Hereditary$3,809,000 (-44%)$1,903$35,000,966
8Superfly$3,350,000 (-51%)$1,509$15,266,395
9Avengers: Infinity War $2,482,000 (-54%)$1,705$669,466,449
10Won’t You Be My Neighbor?$1,875,000 (+87%)$5,388$4,129,778

The first Jurassic World debuted with a dinosaur-sized $208 million, so Fallen Kingdom’s opening is about 28 percent smaller. It’s still above many expectations for the film, and the twentieth biggest opening weekend of all time, ahead of Furious 7 and just behind Spider-Man 3. CinemaScore voters gave it an A-, lower than the first Jurassic World (and Jurassic Park) but better than all of the other sequels, so the film could continue to generate solid business through the July 4th holiday.

Speaking of solid business, Incredibles 2 has now made $350 million in the United States, far more than the original Incredibles’ $261 million in U.S. theaters back in 2004. (It should pass the first Incredibles’ inflation-adjusted total by next weekend.) It’s already the fourth biggest Pixar movie ever, and it will pass Inside Out for third all-time in a matter of days. (Second place, Toy Story 3’s $415 million will take a look longer to pass.)

Around the rest of the chart, Ocean’s 8 dropped just 38 percent from last weekend and grossed an additional $11.6 million, pushing it past $100 million in the United States. It’s looking like it will outgross Ocean’s Thirteen before all is said and done, and maybe even Ocean’s Twelve as well. You’ll also note that Solo: A Star Wars Story passed $200 million domestic, but Deadpool 2 passed $300 million domestic, a situation few would have predicted at the start of the summer. And the Mr. Rogers documentary Won’t You Be My Neighbor expanded to another 250 screens and made almost $2 million over the weekend.

The Rogers doc’s $5,388 per screen was one of the better per-screen averages of the weekend, but not the biggest; Fallen Kingdom had the best PSA with an average of $33,520 per screen. The best indie PSA of the weekend was The King, a documentary about the legacy of Elvis Presley and his relationship to modern America. It grossed $29.050 on two screens around the country, for an average of $14,525. With all due respect to the King, however, Fallen Kingdom reigned supreme for at least one weekend.

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