Everyone's favorite fourth-wall breaking, profanity-spewing, megaviolent sociopathic superhero is back in theaters this year with Deadpool 2. The first movie was a massive surprise hit back in 2016, so anticipation for the new one is high. And next week in New York, you'll be able to celebrate your Deadpool fandom with other fans while drinking beer and eating pizza at a Deadpool-themed pop-up bar.

The Alligator Lounge in Brooklyn will be taken over and turned into Sister Margaret's School For Wayward Girls, the bar from the movie frequented by hitmen, lowlifes and thugs. Naturally, this promotion is only for fans that are 21 or older. The pop-up is also sponsored by Mike's Harder and will feature Deadpool 2-inspired flavors of Harder, plus a chance to win tickets to the film's premiere.

The bar will be there for three days, April 26 through April 28, before moving on to its Los Angeles location. Any Hudson Valley fans out there looking to make a trip to this? Will you bring your own chimichangas?