We are all ready for a bit of extra traffic this weekend. Holiday weekends in the Hudson Valley tend to bring a bit more traffic than usual. We already have parts of the area that get snarled on a regular basis. Route 299 in New Paltz is notorious for being backed up, especially on the weekends.

Tonight traffic was at its usual volume when it came to a complete stop according to reports on a community page on Facebook. Very often people will post delays or traffic problems on social media to help drivers avoid being stuck. Earlier this week a major road was closed in Ulster County due to a fire at a motel.

Traffic Stopped on Route 299 in New Paltz New York for Animal Crossing

Paty Quyn
Paty Quyn

No matter how the word gets out it is always nice when people share what's going on so people can plan accordingly. Earlier today that exact thing happen when someone posted to social media that New York State Troopers had stopped traffic on Route 299 going into New Paltz, NY near the Thruway entrance.

New York State Troopers Help Animals

It was reported by someone that it appeared the NYS Troopers were assisting an animal that was attempting to cross that road near the Thruway and obviously was unable to use the crosswalk. I joke but seriously this is the time of year when we really need to keep an eye out for animals in their migration paths.

Earlier this week My husband encountered a mother Goose trying to cross the road with all her goslings. He was able to stop and fortunately so was the oncoming traffic which also happen to be a New York State Trooper. Much like today, the trooper was happy to assist.

Why Was Traffic Stopped on Route 299 in New Paltz Friday Afternoon?

PC: Amanda Banks
PC: Amanda Banks

So what had traffic at a standstill today in New Paltz, NY? Many speculated on the animals that the troopers were assisting but it turns out a just about everyone had guessed wrong. However, one driver named Amanda was able to catch the local critter reaching the curb with its police escort and was able to identify it as a snapping turtle.

New York State Department of Environmental Conservation Tips for Aiding Animals

I love seeing so many people assisting wildlife in their trek. If you do decide to help animals cross the road please consider your own safety. The NYS DEC also offers tips on how to help animals who you may see needing assistance. I also want to say thank you to the officer who took the time to stop. His assistance helped ensure a good outcome for the turtle and our local motorists.

New York Animals Rehabbed By Friends of the Feathered and Furry Wildlife Center

Wild Animals in Rehab

When we see an animal that has been hurt or is in distress it is in our nature to want to help but the reality is we need to leave it to the professional. Our job is to report it so that trained people can step in to assist the animal that needs help. Luckily there are many Animal Rehabilitators in the Hudson Valley who are good at what they do.

Hudson Valley Animals that Help People Through Hiking Therapy

Meet the Hiking Therapy Animals of the Hudson Valley

Eleanor Pigby made a splash on social media around the Hudson Valley this week. Turns out she's part of a pretty special team. Get to know Eleanor and the rest of the Pets For Purpose Animal Therapy group of The Summit School in Nyack.