Take a look at this video that's going viral. Calling all conspiracy theorists! What the heck is this thing on the George Washington Bridge?

Everyone is talking about this video that's all over the internet. The video features commuters passing through a small and mysterious white cloud of either vapor, fog or some kind of smoke on the The George Washington Street Bridge.

Are you a meteorologist in training? Maybe you're a mechanic who can determine if this is a car that's having an issue?

According to a few comments on the video, people are thinking it's vapor coming from a blown head gasket. Most are deducing that the video is caused by a vehicle having mechanical issues.  Another theory is that someone ran over a fire extinguisher. I don't buy into the car trouble theory due to the fact that the cloud moves without being near a car.

Apparently, small areas of fog can appear out of nowhere.

Could it be something obvious like a patch of fog or smoke from a car? Or could it be something far more sinister like some sort of experiment that escaped from a lab? Should we be concerned? Look out for hazmat suits and quarantine bubbles on the bridge.

Could this be the start of the next zombie apocalypse?