I can't believe that I've missed this Hudson Valley hidden shoutout for all these years.

When the summer rolls in, I love watching a baseball-themed movie. Field of Dreams, The Sandlot, Rookie of The Year, Summer Catch...I can watch them all. But I'll always start with the classic, A League of Their Own.

Since I was a kid, I've watched the Gina Davis-Tom Hanks blockbuster at least twice a summer and whenever I see anyone crying I'll scream at them "Are you cryin'?! There's no crying in baseball!" but that's just me.

I digress. With all of that being said, I did my first rewatch of A League of Their Own last week and my mind was completely blown. There was a Hudson Valley town mention snuck into one of the most iconic scenes!

During the tryouts scene when Mae Mordabito, AKA “All the Way Mae" played by Madonna, throws a fastball at Gina Davis' Dottie Henderson, did you happen to notice the jersey Madonna was wearing?

Take a look:

That says Peekskill Parks! I can't believe I never noticed. While the Peekskill Parks was never a real team, the character Madonna played was based on a very real All-American Girls Professional Baseball player named Faye Dancer.

For a cool $99, you can purchase your very own reproduction of Madonna's Peekskill Parks jersey on the Peekskill museum website.

Who knows where the Peekskill Parks inspiration came from. Maybe it was from Bronx native, and director of A League of Their Own, Penny Marshall?

Am I the only one who missed this Hudson Valley gem? What's your favorite Hudson Valley shoutout in a movie or television show?

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