It's been a tough year for restaurants in Dutchess County.

It seems every time we blink a new restaurant is going up on popular Route 9 and then mysteriously closing with out warning. For instance one day last summer word broke that Sonic had been closed. Just like that.

Yesterday, big news splashed across social media news feeds that the very new Golden Corral on South Road in Poughkeepsie would not be open for business any longer. Golden Corral closing may not be a big surprise: Facebook reviews displayed poor service and the Daily Voice reported on an apparent overdose in the bathroom.

Now that the buffet establishment is closed, that leaves a new building vacant with the opportunity to become something more.

As much as I want a a Chic-Fil-A or a White Castle to fill the void, I think Dutchess County could do without another restaurant. What about a laser tag arcade? Or one of those indoor sky diving places?

What do you think should replace Golden Corral? Should it be another restaurant? Let us know below or on Facebook!