If you have tattoos--even if you don't--maybe you've wondered what happens to them after you pass away. Well, one organization has an idea and a plan.

They're called NAPSA, the National Association for the Preservation of Skin Art. They take your tattoos after you've passed away and make commemorative art out of them.

Seriously. Your skin becomes a family heirloom.

Here's their mission statement, from their website:

We are a community of men and women committed to the welfare of tattoo artists, collectors and enthusiasts. We have developed a proprietary method of preserving skin art that will allow you to bequeath your tattoo — just like a house, wedding ring or any other prized possession — so that your loved ones can experience your legacy, for generations to come.

As a member of NAPSA, you will also have access to the latest tattoo intel — from outstanding new artists on the scene to the latest ink trends to upcoming tattoo conventions around the country. You will belong to the only association with the sole mission of preserving and promoting tattoo art and the tattoo community through advocacy, support, exposure, education, and more.

Sound creepy? Sound cool? Either way, here's a video about them, and you actually get to see some of the preserved art. It really is amazing how much the skin holds the ink even after death.