There are so many job openings across the State of New York it got me to wondering after I heard a news story about the lack of long haul truck drivers, not just here, but the entire United States.

So, what is the deal? Are the requirements to get a CDL (Commercial Drivers License) too tough? I recall conversations with friends who had CDL's all refer to it as 'tough' and that they would not do anything to risk losing their license.

So who needs a CDL? I pretty much knew that if you were driving a 'Big Rig' or a tractor trailer, you were going to need one, but who else needs one?

If you are driving a school bus, you will need one, same for those who want to drive a  luxury bus (like the ones that people take to the casino or on long trips).

However, I was surprised to find out (thank you DMV website) that you will also need a CDL to drive a limo, but you will need something called a passenger endorsement.

So how does one go about getting a CDL, especially now with the COVID restrictions still in place, is this something that you would need to make an appointment with the DMV to do? Yes, you would need the appointment, but you also need the following:

  • Your current drivers license
  • The CDL Permit Test, make the appointment for this. It will cost you $10
  • When it comes time to take your road test, that will cost you $40 and you will pay that when you schedule your road test.
  • You will also need to pass a medical exam, click here for that info. 
  • After you get the permit, you will need to practice driving with a 'supervising driver.' That is someone who has a CDL and knows how to operate the vehicle you are trying to get qualified for. Then you schedule your test.

Is it easy? I can't say that. I have not done it. I do have respect for anyone who can operate a vehicle that is bigger than a house.

If you have a CDL, how long ago did you get it? How tough do you recall it being to get one?

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