Hyde Park residents are happy to see a sunny day today following this weekend's snow storm. The storm left the area cover in nearly a foot of snow in most areas. Shoveling and plowing was made difficult as the snow was wet and heavy; however, most of the snow ended around midday Sunday. Hence why Hyde Park parents were confused by the late 2-hour delay announcement this morning.

Hyde Park parents took to social media to express their confusion and frustration by the late 2-hour delay. One parent said, "Was waiting outside with my child for a half hour almost wondering where the bus was, and JUST NOW they announce a 2 hour delay." Another parent wrote, "The snow ended by 3 yesterday, why is Hyde Park just sending out the 2 hour delay notice NOW?!?!" Turns out the impromptu 2 Hour Delay had less to do with snow, and more to do with the safety of students at one of the district's buildings.

Students at FDR High School File Back Onto Buses Monday Morning Due to Gas Leak

Roosevelt Fire District issued a statement this morning, shedding some light to the scheduling confusion today. Around 8:16 am, Roosevelt Fire District and NDP EMS were dispatched to FDR High School due to a strong odor. The school was evacuated and all available buses were called back to shelter students and staff due to the cold weather. It was the recall of buses that prompted the 2 Hour Delay for the rest of the Hyde Park School District.

After being metered for CO and other gases, it is believed that the odor was caused by a small back fire in one of the boilers. There were no injuries reported at the high school. All units were clear of the scene by 8:58 am. The coordinated efforts between the Hyde Park Central School District and the local first responders helped make the evacuation and investigation run smoothly.

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If there are anymore questions regarding the evacuation at FDR High School and the 2 Hour Delay for the rest of the Hyde Park School District, you can call FDR High School Principal Ruella at (845) 229-4020 or HPCSD Superintendent Dr. Roman at (845) 229-4000


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