If you were considering getting a dog why not make this the day?

It's National Dog Day. It's a day to celebrate man's best friend. Normally I don't jump on the national day bandwagons very often but why not when the main focus are cute dogs? Dog owners love to show of their four legged companions any chance they get. This is the day to celebrate your pups.

According to Psychology Today, owning a dog can help increase your mood, lower your stress levels along with make you more active physically and socially.

If you were thinking about adding a new member to your family here are some places that offer adoption services throughout the Hudson Valley.

Hudson Valley Adoption Services in Woodstock - 305) 775-8340

Dutchess County SPCA in Hyde Park - (845) 452-7722

The Hudson Valley SPCA in New Windsor - (845) 564-6810

Humane Society of Walden - (845) 778-5115

If you happen to know any more reputable organizations be sure to reach out and let us know.


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