Why do we fear Friday the 13th so much? Does it have to do with the movies? Is it the distaste or dislike of the number 13 in general?

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How many hotels have you been to that do not have a 13th floor? Why do airlines not want to have flight numbers that include '13' in them? While we might not be able to answer all of these questions, there are a few that we can give you definitive answers on.

  1. How many Friday the 13ths are there in 2020? There are two for 2020. March 13 and November 13.
  2. How many were there last year 2019? Two for last year 2019 and there will be just one in 2021 August 13 and in 2022 May 13.
  3. What is Triskaidekaphobia? It is the fear of the number 13. Do you suffer from it anytime you are faced with the number 13 or just when it happens to be on a Friday?
  4. Why do people rush out to get tattoos on Friday the 13th? The reason that I can come up with is that people like to show themselves and the world that they have nothing to fear by the number 13. So when a tattoo studio has a special (usually on what's called Flash Art) on Friday the 13th it is to show the world that the person getting the tattoo doesn't heed 'superstitions).
  5. Ok, the movies (all of the ones in the Friday the 13th series) are really scary! I can't say that I have ever watched one in its entirety. Just the thought of what might happen in the movie (even knowing that it is a movie) just gives me the heebie jeebies.

So, on Friday the 13th will you be not doing something because of your own superstitions? Or do you think nothing of the alleged curse and go about your day, like no ones business?

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