I think I might need to rethink my living arrangements!

If you've had your house or apartment broken into by someone you didn't know let me start by saying I'm sorry that ever happened to you!! Let me also say that I'm thankful that my kids broke into my house and were not a thief, but why didn't any of my Poughkeepsie neighbors call the police?

Last Friday I had to work late so I asked my girlfriend if she could do me a favor and pick my kids up for me and bring them to my apartment in Poughkeepsie. Like always, she said she could, but when she got to my house things took quite the turn.


Here's What Happened

When they got to my apartment and went to unlock the door, she realized that she misplaced the key somewhere. She told me that she looked everywhere in her car, in her purse where she keeps her keys, and couldn't find it anywhere.

As she was looking, my son, Jackson suggested that maybe he could squeeze through a window to go and open the door. Yup, my son thought "Let's break into dads house"! After looking everywhere and not knowing what to do, they went to a bunch of different windows in my apartment to try and find one that might be unlocked.

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Wouldn't you know it I accidentally left the window in my bedroom unlocked so they popped the screen out and slid the window open and my son slipped in and went and opened the door. WOW! That was easy...LOL (not funny). When I got home they couldn't wait to tell me what happened.

After they explained I had to ask, "did anyone see you climbing in the window?" They went on to tell me that a couple of people saw what they were doing, but nobody said anything to them.


WHAT! Not only did nobody say anything, but nobody called the police or anything! Nothing!! I know that if I saw anyone hanging out of my neighbor's window I would have said something or at least called the police. I would have done SOMETHING!

Would you have said something? Called the police? I'm off to make sure my windows are locked and to start looking for a new place to live...LOL!

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