I understand that these things can happen, but why did it have to happen during Shark Week? It's a shame really.

Well, where to start? So, I have a 60-gallon fish tank that I purchased during a Black Friday sale, upgrading my 15-gallon tank. When I purchased the tank, I set it up and let chill for a few days, before getting some new fish. I had a couple of fish that I transferred from my old tank. So, I loaded up the tank with a bunch of new fish, including Oscars, Cichlids, a tri-colored shark, and a red-tailed shark.

I've always been a fan of having sharks in my fish tank, as when I was a kid we had one that grew to be pretty big and lived a long time. The red-tailed shark, which we named Ruby, was a pretty chill little fish. It never bothered anybody and kept to itself. Now since I got all these fish in November, none have died and they are all pretty big at this point.

Lately, the red-tailed shark has been acting differently, like it's almost trying to pick fights with other fish. Definitely, a change from what I was used to, but as the smallest in the tank, I understand him wanting to act tough. It should be known that I have two Osca fish in my tank which definitely isn't a good idea, I know. Either way, they're huge, and I always worried that one of them would try to eat one of the smaller fish, more specifically, the red-tailed shark.

Sadly, that's exactly what happened. I got home from work and was getting settled and ready for dinner, and then I heard my kids say the following, "Daddy, you're fish has a tail in his mouth!". Me thinking they were joking walked out and saw that one of my Oscars had eaten Ruby, and Ruby's tail was hanging out of his mouth. It was terrible to see, but I would be lying if I said I didn't laugh a little because the fish looked ridiculous with the tail hanging out of his dumb mouth while trying to hide from me.

I can't believe this had to happen during shark week. What are the odds?

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