It's pretty irritating that when I finally had the motivation to go hike up Breakneck Ridge I happened to pick the busiest weekend in the little town of Cold Spring.

I'll be honest. Gyms have spoiled me over the years and I like most, have had to learn to adapt by getting my exercise outside. I run on the Dutchess Rail Trail or around my apartment complex but besides that it doesn't get too rough. This weekend I decided to elevate my workout.

Instead of heading to Mount Beacon which is familiar territory for me I thought I would head up a different mount and change things up a little bit.

I'm not much of an outdoors-man but I felt extremely motivated get outside and hike this past weekend but I sure couldn't have picked a worse weekend. I think the rest of New York had that same motivation.

Breakneck was flooded with people. It was insane. There were cars on both sides of the road leading in for almost a half a mile. I've never seen the place so packed.

I don't know where they came from but it looks like my hike might have to wait until next weekend. Even the town of Cold Spring was swamped with a massive amount of people.

is this a Labor Day tradition? I just want to know so I can avoid it next year.

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