As a frequent shopper of Aldi Grocery Stores, I have not noticed this, but maybe you have. Aldi does not play music in its stores while you shop. Have you noticed? Does it bother you or is it no big deal?

According to a recent email from Cooking Light, Aldi does not play music in its stores because they are all about keeping prices low for their customers. To play music in their stores Aldi would also have to pay music licensing fees, to recoup those fees, they would have to raise their prices.

After reading that email, I also noticed a few other stores that also did not play music, Harmon Face Values, Christmas Tree Stores. Would Christmas Tree Stores play Christmas music all year? That could be a great thing or wear on ones self pretty quick.

When was the last time you shopped in a Dollar Tree? You might notice that you don't hear music in most of their stores. The response I got as to why they don't play it, from a cashier when I was shopping the Hyde Park location said, "The bosses don't like it when we play music."

Notice any other store that doesn't play music? Let us know.

Just a heads up, you might find out that once you notice how quiet it is in the store, you might start to get jittery and need to leave. Wait, just me? Do you find it easier to shop when there isn't a musical distraction in the background?

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