A new bill presented by Orange County representative John Bonacic in the New York state legislature would set up guidelines for sports betting in New York state. But first, the Supreme Court has to throw out a federal ban on sports gambling, so there's work to be done.

According to a press release on Sen. Conacic's website, the bill would legalize sports betting at the four upstate New York casinos should the federal prohibition on gambling end. Last December, the Supreme Court heard arguments in the Christie v. NCAA case which could lead to the ban being overturned.

The bill would include a fee paid to professional sports leagues for every bet placed. This would add a whole new element to casinos in New York state. Would this get you to try out the new Sullivan County casino? And more importantly, how would it affect the quality of play if people could bet on sports in New York, would we see a Pete Rose kind of incident again?

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