Win Butler has been a part-time resident of New Orleans since 2013, and it’s clear that he’s fallen in love with the place. During Arcade Fire’s closing set at the Voodoo Experience festival in the Crescent City last night, he took aim at a corporation that did considerable damage to Louisiana’s coastline and wildlife .

“Whatever BP paid the state of Louisiana wasn’t a tenth of what it should have been,” he said, according to Pitchfork. “F— British Petroleum.”

Butler is referring to Deepwater Horizon, an oil rig that was located in the Gulf of Mexico, 41 miles off the coast of Louisiana. Its explosion in 2010 killed 11 people and spilled nearly 5 million barrels (210 million gallons) of oil into the gulf, the largest environmental disaster in American history. British Petroleum, Transocean (the rig’s owner) and contractor Halliburton were all found guilty of various crimes related to the explosion. Last year, BP settled with the federal government for $18.7 billion dollars, of which $5 billion would go to the gulf states for its effect on the local economy. Last month, a film about the explosion starring Mark Walhberg, called Deepwater Horizon, opened in theaters nationwide.

On Saturday, Arcade Fire played a surprise show in New Orleans for approximately 175 people. During the concert, they premiered some new songs, which were described as “driven by percussive-heavy beats with a flavor of disco, had a sharp focus on weighty topics.” Back in June, multi-instrumentalist Will Butler, Win's brother, said that Arcade Fire's next album could be ready to go as early as next spring.

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