I guess the ghosts are doing more in the sheets than just scaring people. Is there anything better than a paranormal sexual encounter? One woman doesn't think so.

Many of us have tried but have never seen a ghost while many of us are trying to round all of the bases but strike out. How the heck is this lady lucky enough to do both?

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According to Maxim, a woman in England named Amethyst Realm claims that she quit men some years ago after a sexual encounter with a ghost. Now, Amethyst only seeks poltergeists. This strange behavior has even brought up the question of phantom pregnancies.

Though it may not be as romantic as a Patrick Swayze movie but could it still be love? If it is real love will ghost marriages be next in 2018? I'm sure that won't be the strangest thing that next year has to offer.

Who wants to go make pottery?