Are you ready to defy? Taco Bell is set to unveil their brand new drive-thru concept that that they hope will redefine the fast food experience. The first new concept store is set to open in a year, and soon we could be seeing this state-of-art design across the nation. Could it work here in the Hudson Valley? Would you even bother trying it?

See the pics HERE.

ABC says that the new Taco Bell Defy is a two story, 3000 square-foot building that will offer drive-thru ordering only. The pictures make it look like some sort of futuristic structure you'd see in a science fiction movie. Most of the lanes will, in fact, be for online or mobile app pick ups only. Maybe they'll get your order right this time? ABC says that Defy will allow mobile customers to be able to scan their order and use a digital check-in screen. You will then receive your order through a lift device, but can still talk and communicate to the staff through a video screen.

ABC says that the fast food chain is expected to break ground on the first location later this month in Brooklyn Park, Minnesota.

It's safe to assume Taco Bell is trying to catch up and compete with Chick-fil-A when it comes to drive-thru service. The Quick-Service Restaurant Drive-Thru study found that Chick-fil-A had the highest overall customer satisfaction rating. Of course, as been discussed before, we don't have many Chick-fil-A locations that are close. The closest, according to their store finder, is in Danbury, CT. After that, you'd have to travel to the Albany area, New Jersey, or in NYC to find one.

Meanwhile, Taco Bell had announced they were entering the chicken sandwich wars with their very own chicken sandwich taco, that is available in some test markets. The word is that the peculiar new item will be served nationwide by later this year. In January, the chain announced that they plan on bringing back both their popular Spicy Potato Soft Tacos and the Fiesta Potatoes to their restaurants in the Hudson Valley, and the rest of the country. This comes after many customers complained about the potato tacos being removed from menus in 2020. How much to people love these potato tacos?  One guy from Missouri was so hard up for these things that he bought a few of the last remaining ones, froze them, and put them up for sale Facebook Marketplace as a three pack for $200.

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