I've been working at WRRV for a long time, actually, for much of my 'adult' life, and I use that word adult loosely...

Anyway, there are so many perks to this job, and my career in general.  I get to do something I love, every single day (that's playing great music and interacting with all of you), we get to host fun events, attend amazing concerts, and oh yeah, sometimes we get lucky and have the opportunity to meet, and even interview, incredible artists and groups.

I've you've listened to my show over the past few years, you probably heard one of my infamous 'Val celebrity stories' - the Jared Leto at the studio incident from 2005, my literal run-in with Gavin Rossdale from BUSH in 2019, well, now we can add Avril Lavigne to the list of people i've become star struck in front of.

This past Wednesday, December 8th, I had the incredible honor of having 20 uninterrupted minutes to speak with Avril Lavigne, and to say I was nervous would be an understatement.  What do you ask someone whose music has been a huge part of your life for nearly 20 years? (And yes, her Let Go album will turn 20 this upcoming June).  I had so many topics I wanted to cover, the new song with Travis Barker, Bite Me, the upcoming album in early 2022, her announced tour dates, and so much more.

In typical Val fashion, I froze a little the minute I heard her voice and saw her face on the screen.  I tried to hold my composure, but made a complete fool out of myself when I went to ask her about the half pipe she has in the backyard of her new home, and instead, channeled my inner WEEZER and asked about the hash pipe - classic, Val.

I managed to get most of my questions answered, and I don't think there was a single moment I didn't have a giant smile across my face (except for the look of horror when I realized I said hash pipe).  I 100% categorize this as a top moment in my radio career, a milestone, one for the record books, as I told Avril with tears in my eyes as we wrapped up our time together.

Avril Lavigne is back, in a big way, with that classic Avril sound and what seems like a cool list of collaborators on her upcoming album due out in February.  Take a listen to our Studio Cuts podcast to hear what she's been up to, what's in store for the year ahead, and oh yeah, to hear me try to hold it together as I interviewed one of the best in the business.

Val talks with Avril Lavigne

What an opportunity, I am so lucky, and so thankful.


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