They got back together last year, put out a new album and they're still touring off "Youth Authority"...and with some GREAT opening acts.

There's something about Good Charlotte and their live show. I saw them over a decade ago at an acoustic show, while I was working for a radio station as a promotions assistant. I was a goofy dude who was setting up the venue with station swag, and they couldn't have been nicer to me or anyone else. They also have a GREAT vibe. They're always seem like they've having a great time. And when you get a chance to see them at a local venue like Upstate Concert Hall, you need to jump at the chance. And now you can!

Good Charlotte is hitting Upstate Concert Hall on May 18th, with Less Than Jake and Crown The Empire.

That show is gonna be awesome. Crown The Empire is raucous, Less Than Jake is one of the greatest live shows I've ever seen and GC is amazing.

Seriously. It might be the best $28.50 you spend all year.

Less Than Jake

Crown The Empire