A gentle understanding behind The X-Fileslatest return held that Season 11 would correct the missteps of its predecessor; namely, more balanced writing. We’ll at least have more episodes to that effect, but the full writers list for the next X-Files revival is still missing some key names.

TVLine reveals the full writing staff for the ten-episode revival due out in 2018, though there aren’t terribly many changes from the prior iteration. Series creator Chris Carter will again lead former producers Glen Morgan, Darin Morgan and James Wong; now officially joined by Season 9 writers assistant Gabe Rotter, Season 10 assistant Benjamin Van Allen and Carter’s own assistant Brad Follmer.

As you can imagine, Breaking Bad boss Vince Gilligan is still (theoretically) busy with Better Call Saul, while fellow X-Files favorite and Man in the High Castle departure Frank Spotnitz is … well, just not involved. The staff roster is also notably without any female writers, which is never a good look.

Set for a midseason premiere, the next X-Files run will see Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny aboard for a full ten episodes (compared with six for the first revival), starting production this summer. The additional episodes are expected to follow a more rounded narrative than the re-shuffled mix of mythology and stand-alone episodes from last year.

We’ll likely hear more as production picks up in the next few months, so stay tuned for the latest on The X-Files Season 11.