Well, it's Pi Day (3-14), so why not celebrate with some, well, pie?

Typically, the baked item that one typically thinks of when they imagine a pie is a dessert, right? Peach pie, blueberry pie, apple pie, maybe? Banana cream pie or key lime pie, perhaps? I mean, I guess it's possible your mind conjures images of a chicken pot pie, although it's probably less likely.

What you probably don't do, however--unless you are from Mousehole, Cornwall, England--is imagine a stargazy pie.

What's a stargazy pie, you ask? Glad you asked!

Here you go! A traditional pie with fish heads sticking straight out the top of it. For real.

Here's a nice closeup of this bad boy:



This is a pie with fish heads sticking out of it. I ate some of this #pie.

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