This actually happened. Billy Ray Cyrus, Mr. Achy-Breaky-Heart himself has put out a sequel to his 1992 hit “Achy Breaky Heart” titled "Achy Breaky 2." Larry King does a fake intro newscast about aliens and Buck 22 raps. It's basically a garbage rap-electronic song with Billy Ray. After watching this, Miley doesn't look so bad.

I do have to give a tip-of-the-hat (just the tip) to the ladies in this video, they're taking their jobs very seriously, in all 3 inches of clothing they're wearing. So if there are small children in the area, an un-cool boss or your wife, maybe hold off on watching this until you explain that it's okay, it's just a Buck 22 and Billy Ray Cyrus music video.

Tear this apart all you want, that's why I have brought this to you. Now go, hate.