A few of you know that I adopted a little dog that came to me with the name "Rowdy". I had been talking with a friend of mine who is an animal communicator who said that "Rowdy" did not like his name! (Scrappy/Rowdy is a rescue yorkie who is about 7-8 years old, who did not have the name Rowdy, until he came into the shelter world).

After talking with her (and her "talking" with Rowdy), he apparently told her his name is "Scrappy!" The difference in him since we are all calling him by his name is remarkable. As if he is like "Finally, someone is calling me by my correct name!!" He answers to it too, which he was not doing with the other name.

There will be one or two updates about Scrappy in the future, but here are a few photos to see him just after his dreaded bath. Trust me.. he smells sooo much better now!