This week, I went to a place that LOTS of people emailed me
and told me I HAD to visit.
Sunrise Bagel & Deli, 496 Albany Ave, Kingston

Once I stepped into the store I instantly knew why. Amazing aroma, filled display case and a warm welcoming smile behind the counter. Note to self, get here before 3:30pm next time if I want a plain bagel. They were out, but I cannot place blame, the remaining selection was great. Amazingly I have not mentioned the sheer size of these things, almost 6 inches in diameter and 2 ½ to 3 inches high! HUGE! A meal in its self, I can’t imagine trying to eat an entire sandwich from one of these things!


On to the nitty gritty, the boil: pleasant. Not to aggressive. The chew? I was only able to eat half of one, due to the airy richness of the dough, chew was moderate, I did get a touch of the sore jaw syndrome (which in bagel wars is a good thing!).


Toasted with cream cheese, (since they were out of the plain, which is what we normally base our bagel wars on, they had a lighter in color and body wheat bagel that we did our testing on) the bagel toasted really nicely and with the cream cheese, this was a bagel you want to eat only on the weekend where you are allowing yourself to indulge in a big breakfast! Skip the waffles or pancakes and have yourself a bagel from Sunrise to spoil yourself with, lightly toasted with cream cheese and raspberry jam. Then make sure you don’t weigh yourself until Monday.

Price wise, in the range of $5 for 6, and 6 bagels from here is like getting 8 or 9 from another place. Cut these in half and share it with someone else.  Cash only.

There are at least 7 or 8 more places that I need to go to!! Including Monticello Bagels, Bodacious Bagels in Stone Ridge, Bagel World in Wappingers
and Beacon Bagel in Beacon.