This weeks edition of "Battle Bagel" takes us to New Paltz Bagel Cafe, in the Stop & Shop Plaza, New Paltz. We were really looking forward to this place as it is one of the places several people told us to make sure we visited this place.  When you walk into to the cafe, it gets a million plus points simply for the heavenly smell! The assortment of bagels is plentiful! This is the first place that we have been to that has also had the egg bagel in stock!

That is orange toned on in the photos.
Bagels were tasty and rich, when we tried them plain and un-toasted.

The boil on the bagel was just enough to help create just a bit of cracking and crumbling when it was toasted. The chew almost to the point of jaw starting to hurt, but a chewy crusty bagel is what its all about, isn't it? Chew was great and toasted with cream cheese? also very good.

On their website, it says "get 3 free when you buy 6". This was not offered when we purchased, nor is there a sign in the cafe that says this. Not sure if this is something that you have to bring a print out into the cafe or not, (does not say on website) or if it has been discontinued. For the record, we did not ask. (Not wanting to cause any issues). We also asked for a paper menu, a to-go menu person at counter said that they used to have them, but ran out and not sure if they are going to get more.

6 bagels and a Cookie (Brandi could not resist the hamantaschen) $5.99