Exorcist Shortage Hits New York: Exorcisms Available via Phone
Imagine that one day you wake up and your levitating, projectile vomiting and speaking a foreign language while your head is rotating 360 degrees. You don't need to go to WebMD to look up the symptoms. You're most likely possessed by a demon or evil entity.
Do Millennials of New York Prefer to Be Fired via Text?
It's much harder to deal with failure when it's up close and personal. This is 2018, let's settle this via email or over the phone please.

It shouldn't be any surprise but most 20-30 year old people want their communication done electronically. This apparently includes uncomfort…
Are You an Electronic Hoarder?
We've all seen the people hoarding junk on television but is there a new kind hoarding. Not every hoarder has a stack of papers from that last sixty years, cat poop stacked to the ceiling and a bathtub filled with diapers because the plumbing has been shut off.

Would You Use The Flatulence Tracking Pill?
I've got to admit that I giggled a little bit when I first saw the thought of tracking my farts through an App on my iPhone but after a little bit of thought I figured out that this could be the greatest thing ever.

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