It just wasn't Carlos Bueno Mir's day. The 49 year old West Palm Beach man was just trying to enjoy a few brews in his own home, when he noticed a major issue....his beer was missing. When he was unable to locate the missing beer, Mr.Mir dealt with the fact that he could be facing the ultimate betrayal, and that the beer thief could be his very own wife. Was his own spouse the one throwing out his beer?

He frantically called 911, claiming there was an emergency on hand. Authorities responded, but once they showed up to his home all they found was a drunken Carlos Bueno Mir. According to WBPF, police sternly informed him that this was NOT an emergency and to please leave the line clear for any actual emergency calls that may come in.

This did not stop him though. Over the next few hours he would call 911 SEVEN times. He was absolutely convinced his wife was out to sabotage him from getting his drink on, and was either hiding or throwing all his booze out. Instead of receiving the justice he felt his was owed...Mir, himself, was arrested for misuse of the 911 emergency system for making a false alarm or complaint or reporting false information. (according to West Palm Beach Police)

Perhaps his beer was going missing because he just kept drinking all of it?