Source: Screen Shot Morello's Phone

I've been saying this for some time now and it looks like it's going to be true. Angry Birds will be the next Super Mario Bros. Both games have ventured far away from the original. Mario Bros. have spin offs of different characters as well as everyone's favorite on N64 Super Sash Bros. and Mario Kart. If you have never played either of those, I'm very sorry and your childhood is lesser because of that.



Now as popular as Mario and Luigi still are, the younger audience seems to be obsessed with Angry Birds. There are a bunch of products out there that feature those birds and pigs, they're even combined themselves with Star Wars making them even bigger. Every time I wear my Perry the Platypus shirt people ask if its 'one of those birds.'

The newest Angry Birds thing out now is something that I immediately compared to Mario Kart, it's called Angry Birds Go! (no I'm not that excited about it, that's just how it is with the exclamation in the title...though, it is a pretty fun game I must say).

What's replacing your childhood games? Anything that's basically the same thing just a new version?