We all hate traffic. And unfortunately, for many of us, rush hour traffic is an unfortunate reality. Well, this woman wouldn't stand for it.

In her lawsuit, DeGerolamo says she joined Fulton Financial as a marketing consultant in 2007 and took a medical leave in August 2012.

Around that time, DeGerolamo “began to feel great anxiety and depression, which was especially aggravated by crowded roadways experienced during the heavy traffic of rush hour,” the suit says.

When DeGerolamo returned from leave in November 2012, she requested a work shift “by which she could come in after morning rush hour and leave prior to evening rush hour.”

According to the lawsuit, Fulton Financial changed DeGerolamo’s schedule for a short period, then made no effort to accommodate her. The suit also says DeGerolamo returned from leave to find her duties were downgraded improperly to “clerical-type work.”


Hey, maybe she's a crazy person and this has no merit. But if this goes through, I will be seeking compensation for the following disturbances and grievances I have:

  • The bus that I get stuck behind on my way to work
  • Having to use the restroom after a specific person turns it into a greenhouse of toxic fumes
  • The person or persons who drink all the coffee and never brew more
  • Any time someone responds to "What's up?" with a sarcastic "Livin' the dream!" or "Same s---, different day."

I will be requesting $11 trillion. Wish me luck!