Frazer Harrison /Getty Images

So for the most part we know Nicolas Cage is a koo-koo bird but recently we received verification. Nick Cage once again lost his marbles at the annual Revolver's Golden Gods heavy metal awards ceremony when presenting Guns N' Roses frontman Axl Rose with a lifetime achievement award. It's not so much his animation but rather the content of his speech…pretty much drooling over Axl. After doting on Axl for what seems like hours the super star himself (Axl of course) comes out for oh…about 1 second and then splits! I dont know what is worse though…the fact that they asked Nicholas Cage to do the honor…the fact that Axl actually showed up to this thing or the fact that there's an award called the Revolver's Golden Gods heavy metal award lifetime achievement award….sweehhw…say that 10 times fast! or…oh..oh…oh…that Nicolas Cage has a sweet necklace! So many things! Pick your favorite after you watch for yourself.…Nicolas Cage shows up at about 3:05, full video is pretty good so take a peek!