NERDS UNITE! I almost passed out when I read the incredible news...thats right kids!

Star Wars is coming to Disney World...and Land!!!

Getty Images via Disney Parks

This Jedi is so freakin excited I can't stand it!! Two of my most favorite things in the world are officially coming together, you know besides that official part when Disney bought Lucasfilm in 2012...this of course is better yet as Disney is planning to build Star Wars themed lands at both Disney Land and Disney World!

The big announcement came earlier this week at the annual D23 Expo from The Walt Disney Company Chairman and CEO Bob Iger.

“I am thrilled to announce the next chapter in the long and exciting history between Disney Parks and Star Wars,” said Iger. “We are creating a jaw-dropping new world that represents our largest single themed land expansion ever. These new lands at Disneyland and Walt Disney World will transport guests to a whole new Star Wars planet, including an epic Star Wars adventure that puts you in the middle of a climactic battle between the First Order and the Resistance.”

Getty Images via Disney Parks

There will be two lands, one at the Disneyland Park in Anaheim, California and the other at Disney's Hollywood Studios at Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida. According to Disney officials the authentic lands will have two signature attractions, including a ride that will give riders the ability to take the controls a Millennium Falcon as fans are thrusted into  an epic Star Wars adventure! Yoda would be so proud!

(Photo by Disney Parks Via Getty Images)

There is no official word on an expected open date (I know I'm dying too) but fans can keep an eye on the official Disney blog for future announcements.

Im so excited, Im so excited and unlike Jesse Spano I am not scared! Disney World here I come...well in a few years most likely! Watch out First Order!